Mozilla launches a VRChat clone

Mozilla unveiled its virtual reality site yesterday. First Facebook then Google, it is the turn of the firm chaired by Mitchell Baker to offer us the means to communicate or meet other people via its site Hubs, a copy of VRChat.

Hubs is a social space in virtual reality that allows exchanging with one or several individuals at the same time. If it is only an experiment for the moment, Mozilla intends to realize this project and improve it. Just like VRChat, Hubs uses for the moment, rudimentary graphics, similar to that of the PS1 and almost no details. We’re a long way from the Ready Player One Oasis. The organization continues to experiment with new, more realistic avatars and more personalized spaces.

Hubs: VRChat at your fingertips

The Hubs website, unlike Facebook and VRChat, is easier to access. Indeed, to access this world, there is no application to download. It runs on a browser. For Mozilla, “the web offers the best future for virtual and augmented reality”, “No application store. No doormen. No installation process.

Then Hugs works on all VR helmets: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Daydream and Cardboard helmets. Mozilla says, “You can even use your desktop computer or mobile phone if you don’t have access to any VR equipment. Everyone can meet and communicate with each other in this online social space.”