Drones and Virtual Reality

In recent years, UAVs have become one of the most popular pieces of technology. Both in the military, security and surveillance and leisure sectors. With the advent of virtual reality, the meilleurs drones full HD will be able to reach a new milestone that will offer a degree of immersion and possibilities for users never before reached.

“We can’t stop progress anymore,” as the saying goes. UAVs and virtual reality are two of the most interesting advanced technologies today. Not surprisingly, manufacturers have begun to mix them to open up new horizons. The main objective of the drone with virtual reality? FPV? We explain what it is and what model to choose.

What does FPV mean?

FPV or First Person View is a term that will undoubtedly appeal to video game fans. Of course, it’s reminiscent of the term FPS, or First Person Shooter. These games like Counter-Strike, for example, propose to play the character. In the case of drones, the logic is the same. The user can see what the camera is observing from the front of the drone. He doesn’t see the object he’s directing, but what he sees. In other words, with advances in terms of cameras or reactivity, potential uses are multiplying. We are talking about discovering panoramas seen from the sky as much as freestyle between trees or even drone races.

parrot disco bird

Parrot Disco FPV: this is the name of a drone intended for private individuals, mini portable aircraft that the user will control using a remote control. Able to withstand winds of 40 km/h and to fly up to 80 km/h and sold for the modest sum of 1100 dollars, this small remote control plane will be supplied with a virtual reality helmet designed by Parrot company also and with the aim of offering the user the possibility to follow the flight of the drone itself, equipped with a 360° camera. This will allow the “pilot” to maneuver with greater accuracy and recoil than if he or she were using a simple screen mounted on the joystick.

Drones of tomorrow

It is very likely that tomorrow’s drones will all be equipped with the same technology, as GhostDrone 2.0, which we were talking about a short while ago, is already doing. Designed to be used via smartphones to minimise the cost of helmet construction, consumer products using this technology are increasingly available on the market. Not surprisingly, virtual reality offers new possibilities and undoubtedly impressive panoramas.

Imagine flying over fabulous live panoramas and your own wings. The same freedom as if you were really flying, and no, it’s not a virtual world this time. The process is excellent and will help budding pilots and handle some of the tricky passages with more control.

However, since pausing is not really possible, you will have to make sure that you are well protected from any external disturbances for the duration of the flight if you don’t want to remove your helmet in flight and risk damaging your precious drone!

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