A Selection of some of the Best VR Headsets on the market

Is that really the question you’re asking yourself?

The technology now allows you to see yourself immersed in hot scenes with your favorite actresses and you’re still wondering if it’s worth a try?

Okay, so I’ll try to tell you everything. For me, there is no doubt that virtual reality is the future, except that it is already there. So I don’t really see any flaw in owning a virtual reality helmet, since it doesn’t prevent you from using your smartphone or your computer. It’s just another tool to have fun, even to travel a little.

What is a virtual reality headset?

It’s a big headset, often reminiscent of ski masks, but it’s not to be used for this purpose since you can see absolutely nothing else but what it shows us, so it’s better to sit still. It plunges us into the heart of a video, or game, to immerse us in the virtual place we have chosen.

It’s usually a simple case with lenses, which allows us to modify the image of our smartphone that fits inside. Of course, you have to use videos or games adapted to virtual reality, and you get the impression that you are in the environment of your application or film.

There are also headsets, such as the Occulus Rift or the HTC Vive, which directly accommodate screens, for a better performance and wider possibilities. For the moment, games are rare, videos are rare, and so the price of these headsets is a considerable bummer given the few options, but in the future, they will probably be very popular headsets.

An incomparable immersion!

If you already love 3D TVs, then virtual reality headsets will also seduce you. With a 3D TV, when you turn your head, you get out of your video, with a VR headset, you watch where you want to, and you stay inside the virtual place where you are taken. It’s a really good way to take a short trip, without having to leave home.

Of course, a smartphone with high-performance sensors is needed. The accelerometer and gyroscope allow us to move smoothly and not be offset. Most new generation smartphones generally fit very well, and you can wear your helmet for several tens of minutes without any headache.

For porn, it’s obviously a godsend. All the little rascals that we are always imagine themselves with the actress of the video they are watching. With a VR headset, you’re almost there. Almost because unfortunately, you can’t touch yet, but if you have a good screen, you’ll really feel like you’re looking at your favourite heroine’s big breast right in front of your eyes. The first time, I have to tell you that I was almost shy, so much immersion was total. Now I’ve gotten used to his beautiful creatures, who are always happy to spend a moment with me.

The best Virtual Reality (VR) headsets

What are the best headsets to watch your favorite 3D videos? The offer is more and more extensive, but I was able to test a few models, at very competitive prices and really accessible. So here are some headsets, some very basic ones to allow you to test virtual reality, and some more complete ones when you understand that you love it.

The Cardboard

The first model of Cardboard was designed by Google, but today there are many manufacturers who have adopted this concept. So I tested the Jeco model. It’s a bit laborious, but then he does his job pretty well. There is no comfort, you have to hold the helmet with one hand, but you discover virtual reality at a very low cost. Check for Availability on Amazon Here

Tera VR Box Headset

The Tera VR Box, is one of the great surprises. This is again a first price model to fight against the competition from cardboard models, but it is really well realized. First of all, it’s pretty with its white varnished plastic, and really ergonomic. It accommodates most smartphones with a very well thought out drawer, and is equipped with adjustable straps to adjust it to fit mine at our head, ensuring a very good support. It is a little heavy, but still comfortable enough for the price. Its lenses are powerful, and allow a very good immersion for 3D videos. Check for Availability on Amazon Here

Elegiant 360° Headset

Another great surprise with this mid-range helmet. It is a little more expensive than the above models, but we really gain in comfort of use. Of course, it is also equipped with elastic and adjustable straps, but above all a thick foam for the eye contour area, which isolates us well from the outside light, while being pleasant to wear. It’s not too heavy, we can adjust the lenses to our sight, and the immersion is really there. With a smartphone with a good screen and good sensors, it’s really a great headset. Check for Availability on Amazon Here

Homido VR Headset

Homido is a French company that is trying to make a name for itself, and this helmet is already helping them a lot in their progress. It is equipped with curved lenses for even better immersion on 3D videos. Indeed, the result is really satisfying, and it’s really like the virtual places you visit. The 100° angle is a big part of it, where many helmets do not exceed 95°. The comfort is rather good, the support also, and in the end one gets a very good quality VR helmet. Check for Availability on Amazon Here

Samsung Gear VR Headset

It’s not because it’s my helmet, but it’s just the best in the whole world, probably the galaxy. It is more expensive than all the helmets mentioned above, but there is a good reason for this. The Gear VR is not just a simple case, it is equipped with its own sensors (accelerometer, and gyroscope), which really make it more fluid. Whatever the helmets, you usually feel a slight shift, which ends up causing a few words of head. Here, the fluidity is total, you turn your head to the right and you really see where you were looking. It’s really bluffing. Not everything is perfect though, it’s comfortable, but it can do better, and above all, it lacks adjustment for the lenses, which is a little disappointing. It can also only be equipped with some Samsung smartphones, as always at the Korean giant. Check for Availability on Amazon Here